Alle Einträge im Februar 2015

Das sagen unsere Fans auf

FDJ: Whereas their first EP contained one killer track and a few good, but not killer, tracks this is all killer!

Andrew Miller: I’m not mad at this at all!!! Yeah its Stoner but its also a lot more than that! Great dynamic between slow and fast. Every track is AWESOME! I love the slower stuff on the last 2 tracks, some of it reminds me of My Sleeping Karma (great band). Great album from start to finish….nothing changes…

Paul Rote: 3 track ep !!! I think everyone will be agreeing the 1st track is the standout song.the other 2 are also good,they kinda remind me of the punkier side of nwobhm. But the first song begs you to play it again,it’s in the doing,stoner,retro vein. And the singer is good. Just ask him !!!

FDJ: Stoner/hard rock with an old skool vibe. The chugging riffs and adequate but effective vocals on tracks 2 &3 would of guaranteed this a place in my BC collection but it’s the superb opener “Murder of Reality” that really sold this to me. Favorite track: Murder of Reality.


WINTER – die neue EP ist erschienen

Wir waren lange im Studio und das Ergebnis ist endlich fertig. „Winter“ heisst unser neues Album mit brandheissen Stoner-Doom-Metal-Songs.
Eine prima Ergänzung zum Erstlingswerk „Dark Helmet“.
Hört doch mal rein auf Bandcamp.
Und lasst uns wissen, wie es euch gefällt.